Things to do in Whitefish, Montana in September

Whitefish is a mountain town on the shores of Lake Whitefish, in northwest Montana.

Autumn is a season when, the town is bathed in golden hues, with the fall of leaves, leaving a carpet of crisp dried leaves to walk on. It’s the best season to visit Whitefish, as there are incredibly exciting activities to do here in September. Tourists can stay in hotels and inns, shop in boutique shops and malls, dine out in restaurants, drink in bars, visit galleries, and participate in local events around the town. Let’s find out what activities tourists can do in September in Whitefish.

Visit Whitefish Mountain Resort

1. whitefish mountain resort

Whitefish Mountain Resort is a best skiing resort in North America. Huge snowfall during September leaves 3000 acres of mountain slopes in this resort, covered with snow as thick as 300 inches. The undulating mountainous terrain in this resort is a paradise for skiing, snowboarding, and mountain biking. There are chair lifts and open gondolas, which take you up mountains and show you the most thrilling vistas of Glacier National Park. There are skiing programs for kids too, and restaurant and bars for dining and drinking.

Visit Glacier National Park

2. Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park lies close to the town of Whitefish, and is especially beautiful in the fall. Its snow-covered mountains and alpine forests have many hiking trails, which open up during this season. There are lodging facilities available for tourists within the park. There are many ways to tour this magnificent park. Boat tours and bus tours are the favorite with tourists. Those more adventurous can go hiking up mountains, or mountain biking. River and lakes in the park are perfect for kayaking, river rafting, and fishing. There are other activities like rock climbing, and driving on scenic roads.

Visit the Blackfeet Nation

3. Blackfeet Nation

Blackfeet Nation or Blackfeet Indian Reservation is a region of grassy plains, east of Glacier National Park in Montana. It is home to the largest Native American tribe, the Blackfeet. There are huge grasslands, and large herds of buffalos can be seen grazing on them. There are museums, galleries, and historic sites where you can see the culture of Blackfeet Indians. Tourists can go on language tours and historic trails to experience history of the Blackfeet tribe and learn the sign language. Towns like Browning hosts North American Indian Days, a cultural festival, where there are ritual dances, traditional games, rodeo events, and other festivities.

Bike Tour at Hiawatha Trail

4. Hiawatha Trail

Hiawatha Trail is a 15 miles long stretch of bike trail that was once a historic railroad. The bike trail is one of the best biking rides in the world. The bike trip is wonderfully scenic and absolutely thrilling. The trail goes through rugged mountain country, with no less than 10 tunnels and 7 sky high bridges that go over canyons and deep valleys. The panoramic beauty that you will encounter in this bike trail is one of the best you will have in Montana. The bike trail passes through Montana and Idaho.

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